To Invest in Electric Vehicles a Safer Investment than Tesla could be GM

Since the beginning of April GM’s (GM) stock, during the Covid-19 pandemic, has more than twice as large. Although the 373% increase in Tesla (NASDAQ TSLA) shares at the same time is unlike that, GM has blowed out profits in the majority of other conventional car manufacturers. The pandemic has contributed to a turnaround in GM sells in China and the United States — it registered much higher than anticipated income Thursday — from the pandemic.

But GM is also giving stock a new life through its dedication to a future of all-electric power and its investments in new generation of electric batteries and vehicles.GM is among the only [automakers] which showed tangible progress in their transition to Electrical Economics, said Morgan Stanley Autoanalyst Adam Jonas in a note at late last month, when the company announced that GM is making $2 billion of investment to develop electricity at a plant in Tennessee.

Last month, a Hummer pick up was revealed and a lot of investors are excited about it. The truck is expected for sale by the end of the following year.CEO Mary Barra insists, though, that GM is given the cash required to move to electrics through good sales of conventional trucks and SUVs.

The strengths of our full truck platform and our franchise on SUVs of the whole of the country provide us with an excellent opportunity to finance our growth in the electric vehicles industry and then take advantage of all the assets we are bringing, whether in development , engineering, technology,” she said Thursday following a strong earnings report at a conference call for investors.

The comeback

The Hummer makes a comeback – which is all-electric this time. One reason investors were pleased that Tesla stock news showed its profitability over conventional vehicles powered by petrol. Electric vehicles have become more important to investors. Compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, which would be another driver of EVs cheaper, electrical devices need about 30% less work and substantially less components and complexity in the production process. “As [automakers] produce more energy, they generate substantial economies of scale and operational leverage and are able to go into the customer’s sector, reducing consumer price of electricity.”

This explains GM ‘s commitment in electricity. GM plans to finally boost its efficiency beyond the desire to battle climate change or improve the environment, and this also explain why the investors in electric cars are offering a new look to one of the oldest automakers. If you want to buy the stock of Tesla, you need check more information like balance sheet at before that.

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