The major difference between Online Poker and Live Poker

Online poker and live poker has a lot of differences. There are many things that you will have to keep in mind when you are playing either of them. The rules that are present in both the games are the same, but certain things are different. Many players will argue that online poker is completely virtual and live poker has the real element, but the opinion differs from person to person.

 According to the statistics it has been found that players who participate in online poker are younger. They will start playing the game with a small amount. This is not possible when you are playing the game live. Mustering the live bankroll is quite impossible. So money is considered to be more valuable to the online players. 

  • Online players are more dependent on learning from the internet like Wikipedia. When you are talking about live players you can imagine that they are older and do not have a lot of technical knowledge so they are not aware of the impressive resources that are available online. Most of them do not believe in using the tools that are available online that can help them to play the game properly. 
  • When you are playing poker in the casinos frequently you will be bonding with a lot of players. When you are playing online poker there will be hardly any chance of making friends there. But you will get a lot of opportunities for learning from the random players who will play against you. 
  • When you are playing online poker you can see that a lot of hands are played every hour. This occurs because of the automatic dealing, shallow stack size, and shot clocks. 
  • In the online game, you can see that a single player is playing at multi-table but you won’t be able to encounter the same in live poker because it will be difficult there. 
  • When you are playing online poker you will get all the information related to the stack sizes of the opponent player along with the pot size, but this is not possible when you are trying to calculate it mentally while playing live poker. 
  • The bet sizing will differ in online poker and live poker. When you are playing online poker then it will have 2x, 2.5 x and 3x openings. But, with the live poker, you can easily avail the opening that will be 5 times more than the online poker openings. The tournament that you will encounter while playing each of them will be different. Live players will tend over betting when they are failing to keep track of the pot sizes. 
  • Players always face bad debts when they are playing online in comparison to living poker. 

These are a few important differences between live poker and online poker. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Online poker is getting a lot of popularity recently.