Tips To Avoid Injuries And Accidents At Home During Quarantine

During quarantine, people spend much more time at home, which can end up causing injuries and accidents within this environment. To avoid them, you need to take some simple steps such as getting corner guards rubber. When it comes to injuries, they are predominantly caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture. For this, it is suggested that when working at home, there is an ideal place with a table and chair so that the computer is at eye level. In addition, the recommendation is to perform stretching and a series of small exercises to stimulate the body’s muscles that are still in this period.

To avoid accidents at home, you need to pay attention to the location of objects and certain types of materials, in addition to being careful in situations such as a wet floor. Here are the essential tips are:

– Avoid using many appliances connected to the same outlet so that there is no fire or short circuit, in addition to protecting the outlets well and under no circumstances messing with bare wires so as not to get a shock;

Put handrails on stairs and wear non-skid shoes when stepping on the wet ground to prevent falls.

Install safety nets on windows and balconies if there are children in the place; and replace any glass that is cracked or broken;

In the kitchen, always pay attention to turn off the stove knobs correctly so there is no gas leak;

In the laundry room, cleaning products should be kept in high and closed places and never in packages such as soft drinks, capable of confusing someone;

In the bathroom, the floor should be, if possible, non-slip. If there are elderly people, installing bars for better movement safely is an option.